Financial Highlights and Funding

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FY 2016 Financial Highlights

  • Fiscal year 2016 contributions from the state and employers were $1,647.7 million, an increase of $56.8 million, or 3.6 percent from fiscal year 2015.
  • The System's benefit payments were $2,281.8 million, an increase of $120.9 million, or 5.6 percent for fiscal year 2016.
  • The System's net position at the end of fiscal year 2016 was $18,831.1 million, a decrease of $385.4 million, or 2.0 percent.

Image with Fiscal Year Graph ClipArtFunding

SURS receives funding from three key sources: employer contributions, employee contributions and investments.

The employer contribution is mostly made by the state of Illinois. A university or community college may pay the employer normal cost, or the cost of pension benefits accrued by an employee in a given year, when an employee is paid from federal, trust or other non-state funds.

Since fiscal year 1996, the state contribution has been made as a direct appropriation to SURS. It is a separate appropriation from the state's appropriations to universities and community colleges for their operating expenses.

For more information, view the SURS Funding Fact Sheet or SURS FY 2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

SURS Total State Appropriation by Fiscal Year

*State appropriation was paid in full.
The proposed FY2018 state appropriation is $1,753,685,000.

FY 2017 Appropriations Received to Date
FY 2017 Total Received Total Due Amount Owned
July 555,516 139,285,500 138,729,984
August 71,636,749 139,285,500 67,648,751
September 92,778,021 139,285,500; 46,507,479
October 76,331,610 139,285,500 62,953,890
November 114,698,196 139,285,500 24,587,304
December 144,413,164 139,285,500 (5,127,664)
January 139,485,411 139,285,500 (199,911)
February 73,202,941 139,285,500 66,082,559
March 134,634,500 139,285,500 4,651,000
Total 847,736,108 1,253,569,500 405,833,392