ID: RFP-30-25-01

The deadline for RFP responses has been extended to August 1, 2024. 

The State Universities Retirement System of Illinois (SURS) is soliciting proposals from organizational change management (OCM) vendors to provide OCM services to support and enhance the successful implementation of a new pension administration system (PAS), known as Project Velocity. Proposals are for change management execution, stakeholder engagement, change readiness and impact assessments for various SURS teams, communication and resistance management, and planning for monitoring and evaluation. As part of this OCM initiative, SURS requests that proposals include services for guiding the development of PAS training materials and for documenting current vs future state comparisons. A framework and training plan for consideration. The selected OCM vendor is expected to work in partnership with SURS and third-party vendors.

SURS does not currently have staff dedicated to OCM, though there was a change network in place up until the summer of 2023. SURS has a lead trainer for the claims departments but no formal training team. 

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Organizational Change Management for Digital Transformation ProjectJuly 1, 202433
Appendix C – Fee Proposal – Microsoft ExcelJuly 1, 20241


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