seminars/webinars Fall Member Education - Seminars & Webinars September 9, 2015

SURS is offering a full line-up of retirement education seminars and webinars for members enrolled in the defined-benefit plans as well as those in the Self-Managed Plan. Sign up soon!

seminar Self-Managed Plan Pre-Retirement Seminars January 10, 2019

These seminars are for Self-Managed Plan participants who are five years away from retirement.

Advocate Cover July Newsletter Now Available July 31, 2015

The latest Advocate is now available. Learn more about the Money Purchase Factor change, legislation that affects SURS, and fall webinars and seminars.

Idehen Governor Names Francis Idehen to Board of Trustees July 30, 2015

On July 27, Gov. Rauner appointed Francis Idehen, Jr. to a six-year term on the SURS Board of Trustees.

Steven Rock Selected Board Trustee July 28, 2015

Steven M. Rock has been chosen to fill an elected active-member seat on the SURS Board of Trustees that was vacant because of a trustee’s resignation.

Insurance Refunds Image SURS Retiree Insurance Refunds Being Processed; To Be Completed By June 15 June 2, 2015

SURS has received funds from the Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS) to pay health insurance refunds to retirees and survivors in the State of Illinois Group Health Insurance Plan. Payments are being processed and will be finalized by the June 15, 2015, deadline.