Public Retirement Systems – Personal Information Disclosures

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HA #1 to SB 1784 amends the Freedom of Information Act and the Illinois Pension Code to generally prohibit the disclosure of the following information of members or participants of a pension fund or retirement system:

(1) The individual’s home address (including ZIP code and county);
(2) The individual’s date of birth;
(3) The individual’s home and personal phone number;
(4) The individual’s personal email address;
(5) Personally identifying member or participant deduction information; or
(6) Any membership status in a labor organization or other voluntary association affiliated with a labor organization or labor federation (including whether employees are members of such organization, the identity of such organization, whether or not employees pay or authorize the payment of any dues or moneys to such organization, and the amounts of such dues or moneys).

However, this prohibition does not apply to disclosures required under the Freedom of Information Act, for purposes of conducting public operations or business, and to a labor organization or an exclusive representative.

HA #1 to SB 1784 also makes other changes.

HA #1 to SB 1784 takes effect immediately upon becoming law.

Senator Don Harmon and Representative Jay Hoffman