Public Retirement Systems Broadcast Open Meetings

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SB 1698 requires certain public pension funds and retirement systems to broadcast and maintain audio and video of their open meetings in real-time on their websites.

Specifically, SB 1698 amends the General Provisions article of the Illinois Pension Code to require any open meeting of the board of trustees of a retirement system or pension fund or any committee thereof to be broadcast to the public and maintained in real-time on the retirement system or pension fund’s website using a high-speed Internet connection. The retirement system or pension fund must make audio and video available for a meeting that is broadcast and maintained. These requirements do not apply to a downstate policemen’s pension fund, a downstate firefighters’ pension fund, or to the portion of a hearing or meeting of any pension fund or retirement system during which medical information or other privileged information of participants and beneficiaries will be discussed or presented.

SB 1698 takes effect on July 1, 2020.

House Amendment #1 to SB 1698 re-inserts the original provisions of the bill but exempts the Chicago Policemen’s Pension Fund (in addition to Downstate Policemen’s Pension Funds and Downstate Firefighters’ Pension Funds) from the requirements of the legislation.

Senator Iris Y. Martinez