COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

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March 13, 2020

SURS is taking the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) seriously. We are taking necessary measures to protect you, our employees and their families from the virus by limiting personal contact. 


SURS employees will mostly be working remotely. Because of this you will experience delays from the Call Center and some application processing services. Please be patient. All benefits will be paid on time. 

On-Site Visits, Counseling Sessions, Meetings

Offices closed to the public: Beginning March 16, our offices in Champaign and Naperville are closed to the public, however, you can easily access your account information on SURS secure Member Website. You can log in to the secure site by clicking the gold button in the upper right-hand corner of the SURS website homepage – and following the prompts.  If you have questions about your benefits, please send us a secure Webmail via your Member Website. For the foreseeable future, electronic communications via our secure site will be the most efficient form of communication. For critical issues you may contact our Call Center at (800) 275-7877.

Counseling Appointments: We have discontinued all in-person counseling sessions through April 30 and will provide counseling by phone. If you have an appointment that is scheduled to be in person at one of SURS offices or on campus during this timeframe a SURS counselor will call you on the scheduled date and time at the phone number in your file.  If you would like to provide a different contact number, or if you would prefer to cancel or reschedule, please send us a secure message or contact our Call Center at (800) 275-7877.  

Seminars: We are postponing educational seminars until further notice. We will continue to offer our online educational webinars -

Investment Portfolio Preparedness 

The spread of COVID-19 is impacting global markets in the short term. However, SURS is a long-term investor, and we plan in terms of decades – not weeks or months. The SURS investment portfolio is broadly diversified in order to respond to periods of market volatility and uncertainty. The retirement benefits of our members continue to be secure. 

Please continue to check our website for updates. We appreciate your patience during this time.