Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) Retirement Application

This page is used to gather the necessary forms needed to apply for your retirement benefits.

Select your options from the sections below, then download the forms.

While the forms are available online, you are still required to print them, fill them out, and mail them to the SURS office.

Insurance Forms

State Insurance
College (CIP) Insurance

Click here if you are unsure about which insurance forms to download.

Tax Forms


Click here if you don’t know which tax forms to use.

Please note: A complete application should contain all of the following parts.

  • Benefit Application – Complete with original signature and notarization, if required.
  • Insurance Form(s) – Only if you are eligible and are taking monthly income. *
  • Tax Form(s) – Complete forms based on your distribution type and citizenship status.
  • Authorization to Annuitize Form(s) – Only if you are taking your funds as a monthly annuity from TIAA or Principal Financial.

* Keep in mind that in order to qualify for retiree health insurance you must be receiving lifetime income. You must do the following at retirement to enroll in health insurance: If you have assets in the SURS Lifetime Income Strategy, convert at least 50% of your SURS LIS account balance to secure income. If you have assets in the core funds (or any remaining at TIAA), annuitize 100% of those assets or move them to the SURS LIS to be used in the SURS LIS calculation. A combination of the preceding options is also permitted. You may convert at least 50% of your SURS LIS account balance to secure income and purchase an annuity with 100% of your assets that are invested in the SURS core funds. Additionally, when annuitizing if your account balance is not sufficient to pay a monthly amount you will not be eligible for health insurance. Employees of City Colleges of Chicago are exempt from this requirement. You must choose a Joint & Survivor option for your spouse or eligible survivor to remain eligible for insurance at your death.