College Insurance Program

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Information about the college insurance program.


To be eligible to participate in the College Insurance Program (CIP), members:

  • Must be receiving a monthly benefit from SURS, and
  • Must have been a full-time employee eligible for group health benefits while employed at an Illinois community college district.

The College Insurance Program includes health, vision, dental, and prescription insurance.


The Department of Central Management Services (CMS) determines the cost of this insurance. SURS has no information regarding the future costs for CIP insurance.


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Links to the State insurance plan, College Insurance Plan, Legislation and Insurance Providers.

SURS benefit recipients may be eligible for the State of Illinois Group Insurance Plan or the College Insurance Program (CIP).

To be eligible for the State Group Health Plan, you must meet the minimum vesting requirement for service credit with a state university or an agency of the State of Illinois. Community Colleges are not state agencies. To be eligible for the CIP, you must have been a full-time employee of any SURS-participating Community College and eligible for benefits. City Colleges of Chicago do not participate in the CIP.

Insurance Claim Appeal Process

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Information about appealing an insurance claim.


The following are the appeal procedures to follow when dissatisfied with a claim determination.

Initial Review of Claim Determination

A plan participant who believes an error has been made in the benefit amount allowed or disallowed must contact the appropriate managed care plan or plan administrator within 180 days of the date of the initial claim determination.

Disability Benefit

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Information regarding benefits for members that are disabled.

Applying for Disability Benefits

If it appears you will be disabled for more than 60 days and that your disability will extend beyond the period you are eligible for sick pay, you should request a Disability Application from your personnel office. Your application must be on file with SURS within one calendar year after the date on which you disability occurred.


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