board roomVoting has started in the 2024 SURS trustee election. Six candidates have met the requirements to be included on the ballot. Voting is open through May 1.

SURS members who are eligible to vote should have received voting materials from YesElections either by mail or email. The email subject line is “SURS Board of Trustees’ Election eballot.”

SURS members will elect three active-member trustees and one annuitant trustee.

Two of the active-member trustee seats are for six-year terms, and the remaining seat is for a three-year term created by an unexpired six-year term. The annuitant trustee seat is for a six-year term.

Candidates are listed in ballot order determined by a blind drawing. To read the biographies submitted by each candidate click here.

Active-Member Trustee Candidates – six-year term (Voters will select two candidates.)

  • Randall Miller – City Colleges of Chicago
  • Antonio Vasquez – City Colleges of Chicago
  • Collin Van Meter –University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Active-Member Trustee Candidate – three-year term (Unopposed. Will not appear on the ballot) *

  • Kristi Barnwell –University of Illinois at Springfield

Annuitant Trustee Candidates (Voters will select one candidate.)

  • Greg Dobbins – Joliet Jr. College
  • Steven Rock – Western Illinois University

Trustee candidates circulated petitions from Oct. 1, 2023 – Jan. 31, 2024. Active-member candidates were required to obtain 400 signatures from active members. Annuitant candidates were required to obtain 100 signatures from annuitant members. All petition signatures have been verified by SURS staff.

Eligible SURS members should have received voting materials via email, if they have a valid email on file with SURS, or by U.S. mail if they do not. Voting materials include biographical information on each candidate and are sent from the impartial election services company, YesElections.

* Ms. Barnwell’s seat on the board will be contingent upon the outcome of the election for the two, six-year contributing terms.

Although Ms. Barnwell is unopposed, she may not ultimately be declared the winner of the three-year term seat until the outcome of the six-year term election is known due to the legal restrictions relating to the make-up of SURS board. See SURS Administrative Rule 1600.730.