Board of Trustees
SURS current Board of Trustees information and previous meeting minutes.

Business Partners
SURS encourages a diverse selection of businesses to participate in our contract and procurement process.
View our online resources to find out how you can do business with us.

Details of SURS asset allocations, custodians, managers, and Service Providers. These reports include data pertinent to the Traditional, Portable, and Retirement Savings plans.

Legislation information pertinent to SURS.

Requests For Proposal/Active Searches
Competitive procurement processes are used by SURS to select vendors for most major goods and services contracts in compliance with SURS’s applicable procurement policies. SURS encourages participation from a diverse selection of businesses. See below for information about our procurement process, policies, and opportunities. Information about specific solicitations is broken down between Investment and Non-Investment Procurements.

When SURS files proposed rule changes with the Secretary of State, they are published on the Illinois Register, the official state document for publishing public notice of rulemaking activity initiated by state governmental agencies.