Recently Proposed Rules

When SURS files proposed rule changes with the Secretary of State, they are published on the Illinois Register, the official state document for publishing public notice of rulemaking activity initiated by state governmental agencies. To access SURS proposed and adopted rules go to:  For comments or questions on any proposed rule changes requested by SURS send an email to [email protected].

SURS has no recently proposed rules at this time.

Recently Adopted Rules

When SURS adopts a rule, the Secretary of State publishes the notice of final adoption of the rulemaking in the Illinois Register.  The final SURS rules are codified under Title 80, Part 1600 of the Illinois Administrative Code.  The Illinois Register issues containing recently adopted SURS rules are listed below according to their effective dates.

February 29, 2024 – 80 ILAC § 1600.745 – The adopted Amendment is intended to provide clarity for the options available to candidates for sending out SURS approved electronic and/or hard copy campaign communications to voters (Candidate Informational Communications).

September 29, 2023 — 80 ILAC §§ 1600.150, 430, 450, 500, 510 – The adopted amendments are intended to implement the change of the title to “Retirement Savings Plan” (formerly the Self-Managed Plan (SMP)) in Section 1600.150 relating to group trusts, make clarifying changes to Section 1600.430 relating to the Excess Benefit Arrangement, add the “recipient’s estate” and the Illinois Debt Recovery Offset Portal references to Section 1600.450 relating to overpayment recovery procedures, and streamline administrative hearings by combining the processes under Sections 1600.500 (relating to Member Appeals) and 1600.510 (relating to Employer Appeals) into a single, unified administrative hearings process and by making further changes that promote procedural integrity and efficiency.