Benefit Estimator

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Use of the Benefit Estimator does not replace a SURS counseling appointment.

The Benefit Estimator is a helpful tool that can be used by members when they do not meet the criteria for a counseling appointment. Please keep in mind that the online estimator cannot accurately calculate estimates for members who have part-time service, reciprocal service or police/fire service.

This estimator is for Traditional and Portable Plan participants only.  Self-Managed Plan participants are encouraged to contact their fund Provider(s) for benefit estimates or log on to the member website and look in Quick Links for SMP calculators.

Members must register for the Member Website to access the Benefit Estimator. Your personal account information including starting values and verified available purchases of service credit are automatically entered by the Member Website Benefit Estimator.

Click here to access the Benefit Estimator
(Will launch a new browser session)