Death Benefit
Information about receiving a death benefit.

Disability Benefit
Information about receiving a disability benefit.

Disability Retirement Allowance
If your disability benefit expired due to the 50% earnings limitation, you may be eligible for a Disability Retirement Allowance (DRA).

Insurance Benefits
Information regarding premiums, providers, and changes to the College Insurance and State Employee plans.

Retirement Annuity
Information regarding annuity payments and estimates.

Ready to Retire?

If you are at least four years away from retirement, you can schedule a counseling appointment by calling 1-800-ASK-SURS or 378-8800 in the Champaign-Urbana area. SURS will send you a Retirement Estimate Request form via U.S. mail to your home address or via fax. You can also complete and submit this form through your SURS Member Website homepage, which will enable you to schedule an appointment immediately. You are not required to retire on the date you list on this form. Your counselor needs this information to provide you with a projected monthly retirement annuity amount.

When SURS receives your completed form via U.S. mail or fax, we will immediately notify you via U.S. mail or your SURS Member Website homepage with instructions on how to contact SURS to set up your appointment. If the form has been faxed to SURS, you may call us the next working day to schedule an appointment.