State Employee Group Insurance Program


To be eligible to participate in the State Employee Group Insurance Program, members:

  • Must meet vesting requirement of qualifying service for retirement as a Tier I (five years of service) or Tier II (10 years) member.
  • Must elect to receive a lifetime monthly benefit from SURS.

The State Employee Group Insurance Program (SEGIP) includes health, vision, dental, life and prescription insurance.


The Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS) determines the cost of this insurance. SURS has no information regarding the future costs for state of Illinois health insurance. Currently, the state covers 5 percent of the total insurance premium for each year of qualified service. Members who have 20 years or more of service credit receive premium-free health insurance.

Value of Benefit

CMS estimates the value of a retiree’s SEGIP coverage over their lifetime is approximately $190,000 (this assumes retirement at age 65 and one dependent). If you meet eligibility requirements and do not take a lifetime monthly benefit, you will give up the opportunity to participate in this insurance plan.