State Employee Insurance Legislation

The following documents are hosted on the Illinois General Assembly website.

State Employees Group Insurance Act of 1971

This Act provides group life insurance, health benefits and other employee benefits for persons in the service of the State of Illinois. It also provides health benefits (i) for certain benefit recipients of the Teachers´ Retirement System and their dependents and (ii) for certain eligible retired community college employees and their dependents.

Privacy Policy (HIPAA)

This document descibes how your medical information may be used and disclosed and how you can get access to this information.

Public Act 87-0860 (Medicare Law)

If a member is eligible for premium free Medicare Part A, they must purchase Medicare Part B. If they do not purchase Medicare Part B, their State of Illinois Health Insurance will not cover any of the cost that Medicare Part B would have covered.

Public Act 90-0065 (House Bill 110)

Created the Public Employee Pension Equity Act.

Public Act 91-0395 (Senate Bill 211)

Amended the Group Insurance Act (see above) and the Illinois Pension Code to allow certain participants in the State Universities Retirement System to elect to forgo certain changes in the retirement annuity formula made by Public Act 90-65 and thereby avoid the additional cost of group health insurance imposed under that Public Act.

Public Act 92-0600 (Opt Out)

Beginning with fiscal year 2003 eligible members may elect NOTto participate in the program of health benefits. The election must be made during the annual benefit choice period.

Public Act 93-0553 (Annuitant Waiver)

Amended the Group Insurance Act (see above) to allow dependent annuitants to continue participation as a dependent rather than eligible members for as long as they continue to be eligible dependents.