Diverse Manager Week at SURS

Diverse Manager Week is an opportunity for diversely-owned investment management firms with greater than 50% ownership by minorities, women, or people with a disability to present to the SURS investment team, its manager-of-manager partners, and its consultants. The goal of this event is to promote visibility of MWDB firms to an audience of institutional level asset allocators. SURS consultants and investment partners are encouraged to conduct further due diligence on participating firms. Potential SURS allocations are possible upon successfully completing the selection process outlined by the SURS procurement policy. Meetings conducted during Diverse Manager Week are introductory and do not replace or bypass the SURS procurement process. Allocations are made upon successfully completing the selection process outlined by the SURS procurement policy.


This year’s event will be Aug. 2-5 and will be held remotely via video conference. Each day will have a focus on a particular asset class:


Date Asset Class Available Times (CST)
Monday, August 2, 2021 Private Equity Strategies All times filled.
Tuesday, August 3, 2021 Public Equity Strategies All times filled.
Wednesday, August 4, 2021 Fixed Income/Private Credit All times filled.
Thursday, August 5, 2021 Real Assets/Infrastructure All times filled.

Note for Alternative Strategies– SURS will consider the following alternative strategies for an introductory call on a separate day; Trend Following, Alternative Risk Premia, Global Macro, and Tail Risk strategies.

Application Process
If you wish the opportunity to present your firm and investment strategy, please email diversemanager@surs.org with your preferred asset class day, two potential time slots, and a pitchbook. SURS staff will select firms that best fit the overall SURS portfolio needs. Firms selected will receive a confirmation for attendance with a date and time for their 50 minute presentation. Firms not selected will also be notified and an introductory conference call may be setup with the appropriate SURS investment officer. If you have any questions, please email Alex Ramos or Kelly Valle.

Application Deadline – June 30. Selections will be notified by July 13.

General Consultant: Meketa Partners
Private Equity Consultant: Aksia/Torrey Cove
Real Assets Consultant: Callan
Private Credit: Meketa Partners
Manager of Managers (equity): Xponance (formerly named FIS Group)
Manager of Managers (fixed income): Bivium