Statutory Disclosures

Follow On Funds

40 ILCS 5/113.14 introduced new legislation relating to follow-on commitments made to the same fund sponsor through closed-end funds.

Fund of Funds Investments

40 ILCS 5/113.15 requires the disclosure of contracts for qualified fund-of-funds management services.

Emerging Investment Managers

40 ILCS 5/113.24 requires disclosure, to list any emerging investment manager appointed as a direct manager from a multimanager program.

Investment Information

Pursuant to 30 ILCS 237, this report contains investment information regarding SURS asset allocations, custodians and service providers. This report is updated by the 15th of every month.  Every effort has been made to provide accurate information. However, the information provided is based on preliminary, unaudited data and is subject to change.

Investment Managers Fee Disclosure

Investment Managers Fee Disclosure (RSP/DCP)