SURS members see a number of legal throughout their careers. Below you will find the information regarding common legal changes. 


If a guardian or trustee has been designated for a SURS member’s estate, SURS will require a copy of the legal documentation.  SURS requires the designation of the Guardianship of the Estate, not of the person.

A guardian may take all the roles the member had.  Checks are made out in the name of the guardian for the member.

A guardian should sign documents as follows:  “Guardian Name” guardian for “Member Name” (Example:  John Smith guardian for Mary Smith).

Power of Attorney

If you wish to designate someone to have Power of Attorney (POA) over your SURS file, you must submit the legal documentation verifying the designation of a financial POA for business or property.  The designation of a POA does not prevent you from acting on your own behalf.

A POA should sign documents as follows:  “POA Name” POA for “Member Name”  (Example:  John Smith POA for Mary Smith).

Note:  A POA may not submit a Beneficiary Designation Form on your behalf unless the POA document specifically provides this power to the POA.


If your retirement benefits are being considered for possible division in divorce proceedings, please refer to the information regarding Qualified Illinois Domestic Relations Orders (QILDRO).

A Qualified Illinois Domestic Relations Order (QILDRO) is an Illinois court order that transfers part or all of a member´s retirement benefits to an alternate payee. The SURS Legal Department processes QILDRO orders entered against SURS members.

Please note – only “SURS approved” QILDRO forms may be submitted. Approved forms should include the “watermark” that prints at the bottom of the page when completed.

Click here to view the QILDRO Brochure

Click here to view the QILDRO Form

Release of Information - Third Party

If you wish to authorize SURS to release information to a third party, you must submit an Authorization Form.  This release will be documented in your file and will expire after three years.  If you wish to remove the authorization prior to the expiration date, you must submit a written request.

The authorization form allowing SURS to release confidential information to a third party can be found on the forms page of the SURS Member Website.