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Plan Choice Video Cover Plan Choice Video Series
This video series is intended for Tier II members who are within their first six months of employment and have not made a retirement plan election.
Money Purchase Video Cover Money Purchase Factor Changes
This video will walk you through the upcoming changes to the Money Purchase factors.
Benefit Estimator Video Cover Benefit Estimator Tutorial
This video will show you how to locate the SURS Benefit Estimator, and will walk you through the steps necessary to create your retirement estimate.
Member Website Registration Video Cover Member Website Registration Tutorial
This video will walk you through the steps necessary to register for our Member Website.
Plan Choice Tier I Cover Plan Choice Video for Tier I Members
This video is intended for Tier I members only. If you are a Tier II member looking for information on your SURS plan election, click here.
Things to Know Video Cover Things You Need to Know Before You Retire Video
This video provides important information you should know before starting the retirement process.
Reciprocal Act Video Cover Reciprocal Act Video
This video will give you a basic overview of how the reciprocal act works.