Executive Director: William E. Mabe

Chairperson:  Lindsay Anderson


Out in or Opt Out Retiree Health Insurance Premiums Class Action Lawsuit Information January 29, 2015

Affected SURS members will soon receive a letter and form explaining their rights and opt-out option in the “percent of annuity” insurance premium settlement (i.e., Kanerva v. Weems).

SURS 2014 Annual Report Cover SURS 2014 Annual Report Released January 27, 2015

SURS has posted its 2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. The 104-page report outlines the System’s financial statements, investment results, funding analyses, and benefit payments.

Retirees on Computer Self-Managed Plan Pre-Retirement Seminars January 16, 2015

SURS will present two "Self-Managed Plan Pre-Retirement Seminars" this spring.
These seminars are for members both active and inactive who are two to three years away from retirement.

Group of Retirees Post-Retirement Seminar January 15, 2015

SURS is offering a spring post-retirement seminar for Traditional and Portable Plan annuitants.

Yellow Road Sign That Says Retirement Ahead SURS Retirement Seminars January 15, 2015

SURS is offering spring retirement education seminars for Traditional and Portable Plan members in Champaign & Naperville.

judge and gavel Circuit Judge Finds Pension Reform Unconstitutional November 21, 2014

Sangamon County Circuit Court Judge John Belz today sided with state workers and retirees finding P.A. 98-599 unconstitutional. The state has 30 days to appeal directly to the Illinois Supreme Court.